The Therapist as Relational Artist, with Rich Hycner

Therapeutic Artistry: Between Client and Therapist.

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The workshop will focus on the “relational dance” between therapist and client. This includes the “artistic” instantaneous clinical decisions that the therapist must make, in the here-and-now, of the therapeutic moment. The emphasis is on how client and therapist form an interactive and constantly evolving relational field, in which both of their relational developmental strengths and weaknesses get highlighted and played out in the hope of creating a healing connection.

The focus is on the client’s experience of this relationship and the therapist’s attunement to that experience. A deepened sense of “presence” is essential and explored.

The therapist must be self-attuned, and incessantly examine her/his reactions, while simultaneously being attuned to the client and the ongoing quality of the relationship.

A central “artistic” issue is how much does the therapist bring her/his own experience and personhood into the foreground, in the service of highlighting and expanding the client’s experiential possibilities, and facilitating the development of the relationship.

The workshop will include theory, demonstrations, and discussion. Participants will be encouraged to explore their own clinical “artistic” interventions, and be sensitized to exploring previously unexplored dimensions of their relational impact on clients. They will be encouraged to expand their “use of self” within the therapeutic relationship.